Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?

The moment your order arrives, our team will get started right away! We have most of the articles in stock, these will be shipped within a business day. The wallpaper animals are mostly made to order, so this may take a few days. You will receive tracking details via email when the order leaves the workshop. Shipping times within the EU: 1-3 business days. For outside the EU 2-8 business days (indicative).

Can I shorten or lengthen the wallpaper tree?

Yes, this is possible. Please state with your order that you need some additional wallpaper to lengthen the tree and we will add some to your order. You can easily shorten the tree. Instructions are included.

Can I apply the wallpaper decals over existing wallpaper?

Yes - provided that the original wallpaper is glued evenly to the wall, without bubbles or loose bits.

Can the silhouettes be applied over fleece wall coverings?

Yes - but be aware that the embossing of the fleece will show through the silhouette (better not use the 074 (silver) or 075 (gold) wallpaper in this case).

Is it difficult to apply a wallpaper silhouette?

Not at all - if you can arrange a helping hand (especially with silhouettes made out of more than 1 part) you\'ll be fine. Instructions for use, a brush and wallpaper paste are provided with the silhouette. Watch the video. Of course you can always contact us if you need assistance.

Can I choose the leaves for my wallpaper tree myself?

If you have special preferences, please state so in the order form. Most of the times we can accommodate your choice.

Can I state any preferences with the selection of birds?

If you have any preferences, please state so in the order form. We will try to accommodate this as much as we can.

I am not pleased with the decal I received - the colors are off, can I change it for another pattern?

Yes this is possible. Please contact us before returning the order: Please note we can only accept undamaged goods, with the seal intact. After accepting the return, we can send you a replacement silhouette at shipping costs or refund the original order amount (ex shipping costs). Wallpaper bought per meter cannot be exchanged - if you are not sure about the pattern, request a free swatch here. (please state your address and the pattern number).

I have received a damaged or incomplete product!

Of course this should not happen, but things can go wrong during transport or production. Please contact us and we will make sure you will receive a replacement item asap.

I have not received my order - what should I do?

Please contact us (state your order number as reference) and we check the status of your order.

I\'d like to request a swatch of the wallpaper - is this possible?

Yes, most certainly! Request a free swatch here. (please state your address and the pattern number).

Can I buy the wallpaper as rolls or per meter?

Yes, see the Inke Wallpaper shop.

I\'m moving or renovating my house. Is it possible to remove the wallpaper and is it re-usable?

If you have used the accompanying wallpaper paste, you can remove the decals later on by using a damp sponge and/or steam (Iron with steam function helps). After careful soaking and some patience, the wallpaper will come off (it will not be usable again unfortunately).

The Wall Prints are easy to remove dry - just peel them carefully off the wall.

Help! My infant/toddler/child has peeled away some wallpaper, what can I do?

Please contact us (and if possible send a picture of the damage), there is a lot we can do in case of damaged wallpaper decals.

What\'s the difference between the Wallpaper Decals and the Wallprints? Which should I choose?

The Wallpaper Decals are hand-made in our own workshop from authentic paper based wallpaper. The silhouette comes in separate strips of wallpaper (depending on its size) and is fairly easy to apply. Brush and wallpaper paste is included. Use the decals separately or combine as you like!

With a Wall Print, you can fill any wall instantly with a cool design by Inke. Printed on high-quality fleece in strips of 50cm. Easy to apply and remove.

You can find every new wall print design by Inke on our brand new website:

I need help with my order!

We\'re here to help you out! Please contact us and our team will assist you with your order.

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