Wallpaper trees, -branches and -leaves

The original Wallpaper Trees from Inke have become genuine design classics. These eye-catchers are all hand made in Inke/’s workshop from authentic wallpaper. Easy to put on the wall with the comprehensive instructions. A sachet of ecological wallpaper paste and a brush is included.

First you apply the trunk in separate parts. Placing the leaves is literary child’s play.

Behangboom #1

€ 195,00

De originele behangboom van Inke. De stam bestaat uit 5 delen. Boom wordt geleverd met 84 bladeren. Formaat: 200x260cm (BxH).
The original wallpaper tree by Inke. Trunk is made from 5 parts. Crown is made from 84 leaves. Size 200x260cm (WxH).
Der ursprüngliche Tapetenbaum von Inke!. Stamm: 5 Teile, 84 Blätter. Größe 200x260cm (BxH).





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